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Online Training

For training fees listed for in person training and coaching I offer additional services for online coaching that significantly reduces the cost further than buying packages or for someone that is a client training with myself 3 days a week and needs additional coaching 1, 2, 3 days a week. 

Its great for someone traveling or for someone that wants to work with me but lives to far to travel all the time. I can simply train 1 day per week or occasionally in person and couple that with online training/coaching for increased value and compliance in there fitness program.

Prices vary for the service based on if a current client wants to be rolled into solely being trained and coached online or one day a week in person and the rest they are coached through the app I give them. Really its cost effective and there is very good compliance for clients and there own accountability such as busy, hectic lifestyle or family and they want to train in there home gym or apt, condo building gym facilities.

I write the program, coach you on you're diet and you give me feed back through a app that is yours that enables you to video record you're workouts so I can correct form or issues, check-ins so I can see if you're doing you're program. There's videos that you can follow form or learn a new exercise and the app can allow me to change and deviate the program if need be. It's essentially me and my knowledge, experience, and education. I would always be available for you to contact me through the app, email, personal text or phone call!

Pricing starting at $600 for 3 months which includes💢

♦Monthly updated nutritional coaching meal suggestions and that offer a plan of attack regarding you're diet such as that could include calories, macros, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free ,dairy free or specific goals such as fat loss, muscle gain, performance, tone up ect. And all done with the foods you love. Shopping list can all be accessed on you're computer, tablet or phone.

♦Weekly, bi weekly and monthly updated workout programs based on you as the Individual based on you're current goals lifestyle or training regimen.

♦Exclusive members client only app!

♦24/7 Email support and Coaching!

♦Call and text whenever you need me!