Jason Neil Personal Trainer & Coach
The Transformation Specialist

Services and Rates

First 2 Sessions Free

The first 2 training sessions are free. I offer a variety of packages and discounted services for my clients and athletes, including online training programs and nutrition.

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Bronze Monthly Memebership

60 min x 4 a month: 150$

1x a week every month. About a hour in length and perfect for someone that is experienced and needs to work on a particular area such as injury related training, lagging body parts, time constraints and general programming. 

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Silver Monthly Membership

60 min x 8 a month: $250

 2 x a week training, perfect for busy individuals that need more specialization in there routine and faster results. Included is my email newsletter sent weekly on hot topics such as intermittent fasting, training concepts and health trends such as dietary supplements. Also included is nutritional coaching related to goals and lifestyle .

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Gold Package Monthly Memebership

60 min x 12 sessions a month: $350

Monthly memberships includes training 3 x a week. Ditch you're monthly membership at a club and experience training with myself in a private state of art facility not open to the public and is exclusive for the athlete and coach so you can accomplish whatever goals need to happen. Included is my email newsletter on hot topics such as intermittent fasting, strength training, supplementation nutrition. Included is nutritional coaching and/or strict meal plans delivered online that gives you a grocery list, recipes, macros and calories related to you're own particular goals using state of art nutrition software.

Weekly monitoring of Body fat testing, weight, and precise measurements in muscle gain and fat loss ratio utilizing our state of art body scanner.

Also included is 2 x per week online coaching using a custom Mobile app for both iOS and Android users and is great if the client/athlete needs more customization along with seeing myself a few times per week if necessary.


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Platinum Monthy Membership

3-5 training sessions per wk a month: $400

Train 4 to 5 times a week one on one for 20+plus sessions per month. Compared to other elite trainers charging upward of 24 sessions at $1300 plus based off a hourly rate or such as a six month commitment charging $450 to $550 a month for 3 sessions per week, I cut out the hourly and sessions and give one option such 400$ monthly and 4 or 5 days ONE on One training in person at a state of art facility.

Includes nutritional programming and online training. Also my email newsletter. And give you support and guidance in our supplement store on the latest and cutting edge nutritional supplements so you reach you're goals faster.

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Online Training

3 months: 600$

Online training at 200$ a month. Train in the comfort of you're home, apt, work or at a distance, such as out of state. iOS and Android compatible and state of art. Included is nutritional online support and phone, email and video conference.

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Group Training, Couples

Please contact for group rates (5) or less or couples training. Special discounted rates as well as youth training.

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